Professional Cold Water Shaving

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Professional Cold Water Shaving Cold water shaving has always had a small following amongst enthusiastic home shavers. But it’s never been offered in barbershops, other than those with no hot water supply! Why would we offer as a professional service something that not only goes directly against the accepted shaving wisdom, but is something that   …Continue Reading

Half Price Shave Courses in Scotland


Full two day shave courses from £150! With the aid of a Scottish training skills initiative you can claim back up to half the cost of your employees training! Some of my shave courses have already been part funded in this way and it is very easy to apply and get accepted. So you can   …Continue Reading

Good, Old Fashioned Shave Courses!


I started going for barbershop shaves back in the late 1970’s. When you spoke to the barbers then they’d been taught the old fashioned way – repetition, repetition, repetition, for weeks, even months, until practise made perfect. This seems very odd in this fast paced world where everything needs to be immediately accessable and teaching   …Continue Reading

Cold Water Shaving

If the shaving forums are anything to go by, cold water shaving is increasing in popularity. ‘Cold water shaving’ is pretty self-explanatory – shaving with cold water rather than hot or warm water. But why would a guy want to change from shaving with hot water? Isn’t this the way we’ve all been led to   …Continue Reading

10 Things Your Dad Didn’t Tell You About How To Shave!

Fathers are usually a great font of knowledge to their sons, but are unusually silent about one particular topic – how to shave! Most youngsters will watch their fathers shaving with fascination, but once puberty hits and those wispy whiskers need shaving dad, and his advice, are noticeable by their absence! There are several possible   …Continue Reading

How To Get More Men Into Your Beauty Salon, And How To Get Them To Come Back!

Todays’ beauty market is a very competitive place. More and more salons trying to compete with each other for a pretty static pool of customers. How do you compete? Do you become an innovator, always offering the latest treatments? Do you look at developments and bring in those that proved to be popular elsewhere? Or   …Continue Reading

How To Shave – The Definitive Guide To The Perfect Home Shave

As a professional shaveologist I am always being asked for advice on how to achieve a barbershop shave at home. Most guys struggle with some aspect of their daily shave. If you look at things that women do daily – hair, nails, makeup – there is a seemingly limitless amount of advice and information out   …Continue Reading

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